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:: Thursday, February 12, 2004 ::

I know that I have not been good about posting here. Its almost been a month. But I have some GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Loyal readers at Savage Love and other fans of Dan Savage have suceeded in getting Spreading Santorum as #1 on a google search for "Santorum". That makes today a good day. Being as swamped and overwhelmed as I feel, this certainly is a bright spot.

In other news, Blondie and I have been talking a whole lot more. TheTripod is trying to avert any feelings of being "twitterpattered". but there is none of that. Just a whole lot of talking shit. Its what I am good at.
:: 12:29 AM [+] :: ::
:: Monday, January 19, 2004 ::
Ok. Some time ago I promised I would divulge my fall semester drama. And considering that today is Martin Luther King Day, I think that the time is ripe for sharing. Those who read this and know me well probably already know the ins and outs of all of it. But anyways.......

There was this woman. A non-traditional student who no longer attends the institution where I pay gobs of tuition due to poor academic performance. As a last ditch effort to attempt to be reinstated. Filed a complaint against myself and another student alleging racial discrimination (Bear in mind that I alone represent 2 different minority populations just by living and breathing). It took almost 3 months for it to pan out because not only did she make the allegations, she threatened suit against the school I attend were the other student and I not punished.

Drama Drama Drama.

Ultimately, the complaint was dismissed (and rightly so), but not without countless meetings with administration. I felt it appropriate to bring this up today. In honor of the holiday. Contrary to the belief of the many students whom I spoke with about this, my reasons for being so upset had nothing to do with the fact that I was dealing with the frivolous bullshit insecurities of another. What cut me was this: someone who doesnt know me took the time and effort to publicly challenge a part of me that I had never before questioned. The part of me that will tell anyone that I believe that "racism" in and of itself is a fucking cop out that I dont buy into. That "racism" makes my blood boil. That "racist" is not an adjective that I dont believe describes me (and believe me, there are plenty of adjectives that DO describe me). Blah Blah Blah.

getting the complaint dismissed took so much out of me. in fact, the experience is best described as humiliating. I came home and I cried. that was last semester's drama. I can post the gory details. Myabe at some later date. For now, its enough to tell everyone what the fuck the problem was.
:: 11:04 PM [+] :: ::
:: Monday, December 29, 2003 ::
I heard this line once....something about the past lying in wait. waiting to trip you up as you start to run. i know thats not entirely coorect. but it is how i recall it. in fact, it is the neon sign flashing in my reality. Lets call her (for now) WhatTheFuckingFuck. And after trying multiple bars the other night with Mafia, we wind up at the only bar in MyCountry that she is at. I say the polite thing to do would be to walk on by. But she stopped to say hello. Mafia gives her my number becuase he thinks this is amusing. I was not amused when she called. questions are also prominent but do not warrant the caps, things like -- whre did she come from? why is she here? what does she want? why does she not understand that she is no longer a part of my life? HCGirl referred to her as psychotic and told me to watch out for dead rabbits.
:: 12:32 AM [+] :: ::
:: Sunday, December 21, 2003 ::
Back to my country. So glad to find some warmer weather and some warmer people. soon I will travel to see PolitiGirl and Elephantitus. before then, however, Mafia and I will have cocktails and catch up. I am so excited that I could spit.
:: 10:44 PM [+] :: ::
:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::
I feel it is finally time to discuss the mess that was exams. As if it really matters at this point. Im just so tired. I have been tired for a whole semester. If it wasnt one thing, it was something else. ElContinenteNegro and I had a nice chat today for the first time in what feels like forever. I cannot wait to be done with this......
:: 10:02 PM [+] :: ::
:: Saturday, December 13, 2003 ::
Oh Yeah! Half way through this mess. Half way to getting my ass back to SoCal. Half way to regular WIC on Wednesday. I feel like Un-Foo-Foo the Bush Woman (refer to "Eddie Murphy, Raw") when she speaks of wanting half. Well hell. I am at the half way mark. Half full. Half empty. Its still fucking half, eh?

So my understanding is that Hommefina had to get all his book stuff to a publisher in the last week. He's been awful quiet over on his blog, so all of this is an assumption.

Life has been ok lately. This time of year is always hard with finals and all. Too much time with HCGirl. Talking to Blondie more often. TheClone is getting better. I am working on getting her to appreciate my sense of humor. Its the perpetual task...........
:: 9:32 AM [+] :: ::
:: Thursday, December 04, 2003 ::
THAT FROTHY MIX that says "I love you" is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers to Dan Savage of Savage Love for doing his patriotic duty to the senator. God Bless America.
:: 12:02 AM [+] :: ::

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